Leading ​Through The ​Void

An Executive Leadership Retreat

September 24 - 30, 2023

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala



Transform Your Leadership

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Exploration

Designed for successful and aspiring leaders, this ​leadership development retreat takes you on a journey of ​self-exploration and discovery. It is an experiential deep-​dive for those who want to explore themselves, their ​leadership skills and what drives them. By seeing yourself ​afresh, prepare to lead others by learning how to lead ​yourself anew in the challenging environments of today ​and tomorrow.


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What Is The Purpose of A Retreat?

  • Are you a manager seeking to ​deepen your self-awareness and ​navigate uncertain times with ​grace and effectiveness?

  • Do you need space for reflection ​and growth, away from the ​stress?
  • Are you looking to enhance your ​understanding of your leadership ​style, and connect with like-​minded individuals?

  • Are you ready to learn how to lead ​from a place of authenticity and ​resilience?
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This transformative Retreat is designed to explore the depths of your inner world, ​and equip you with the tools to lead from a place of balance, alignment, and ​knowing. Thom and Christina will guide you through practices that foster self-​awareness and cultivate a growth mindset.

This journey is focused on experiences; you will be guided through a series of ​experiential exercises so that you can embody the concepts and understand the ​signals from your body so that you can get out of overthinking, reacting, and ​conditioning. You will be forging skills that help you respond from your inner ​wisdom.

This Retreat will be a place for deep reflection, growth and connection. You'll have ​the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful, life-​changing conversations and activities that will challenge your perspective and ​inspire your leadership.

What Do You Get Out Of A ​Leadership Retreat?

  • Clarity in decision making and handling conflicts
  • Improved relationships and connection to purpose
  • The art of relaxed navigation in uncertain situations
  • Deep connection to being, originality, and innovation
  • Liberation from conditioning and increased awareness
  • Fast track to your undiscovered power and unique gifts
  • Enhanced leadership skills based on serenity and empathy
  • Access to the full spectrum of your Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Improved emotional stability and resilience in unpredictable ​circumstances
  • Energized, knowing how to be a positive influence and an empowering ​leader

"The leadership of the future is going to be about being in touch with ​one's gut, with one's core, because all the motivations that drive ​organizations today are not going to work in ten years."

Thom Dennis

Retreat Highlights

Your retreat days will be a blend of reflection and discovery activities.

  • Workshops & training
  • Interactive exploration
  • Guided & open discussion
  • Group & individual exercises
  • Humanitarian service experience
  • Coaching from Thom and Christina
  • Play, rest, exploration, & rejuvenation
  • Curated and self-guided outdoor & indoor activities
  • Community & connection with seekers from all over the globe
  • Luxury accommodations and high quality nourishment that will feed your ​body, mind, and soul
  • Access to over 20 acres of lakefront paradise on sacred ancient Mayan land
  • Breath, sound, guided reflection, exploratory exercises, writing, meditating, ​and intentional movement and embodiment practice
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Thom Dennis is passionate about resolving the breadth of issues ​around good leadership, improving cultures, and bringing ​awareness to those in positions of power so they understand ​themselves more deeply and care about the impact they have on ​their people and environment. He and his team strive to bring ​healing and renewal in the face of dysfunction in the workplace, ​remodeling cultures to help the Feminine take her full place, in ​men and women, and to balance the Masculine that pervades our ​institutions. This is the route to real inclusion and the elimination ​of the abuse of power.

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Christina Courtright Jenkins is a speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, ​podcaster, innovator and game-changer. She has been involved ​in a wide variety of industries guiding people to uncover their ​authenticity (Essence) and lead from their hearts and their minds. ​She has consulted with businesses, teams, and individuals from ​around the globe and has been a founder of several businesses & ​non-profits.

What people say about working with

Thom & Christina

“Thom came at a time in my career where I needed the ​counsel and wisdom of a man who had been there and ​got the T-shirt! Thom has a great listening style and ​the ability to help you deconstruct the issues you may ​be facing, and guides you to possible solution ​pathways. I know my line manager saw an immediate ​change in my interactions with my peers and leaders, ​and using his words—I became more comfortable in ​my skin."

Luigi G Martini FRPharmS, MBA

Professor in Pharmaceutical Innovation, Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd

"Christina is brilliant at helping me see a bigger ​perspective so I can make the best choice for me, my ​team, and my students. She offers insights I had not ​previously considered as well as encouragement. ​Christina is supportive and helps inspire people to be ​authentic, accomplish their goals, and grow personally ​which is exactly what I have done with more ease and ​flow through my work with her."

Sara S., Educator & Department Head

"I highly recommend Thom Dennis for executive ​coaching, change management and leadership ​development. I have worked with Thom in my ​capacity as a executive of a global energy company ​and he has consulted with me in one on one settings ​as well as on various team projects. Based on this work ​I would rank him as one of the very best consultants I ​have ever worked with."

Denyce Treybig

Gulf Coast Restoration Organization and Strategy

& Regions Executive Office of BP America

"Christina is very rare and unique. It’s not often that ​people can blow you away with their level of aliveness, ​compassionate presence and high level of integrity by ​which they live, but Christina does. She is a conscious ​creator and can read any environment with ease to ​know how to add value. She is self aware and has a ton ​of life experience across many different industries ​and disciplines. She has a gift of being loving and ​direct at the same time. Christina is a powerful leader ​and also a humble student."

Korby Nield, Performance Healing

Why we created this Leadership Retreat

Thom (UK) and Christina (USA) met in an online networking group in the midst of ​the pandemic and discovered they both had a deep passion for and high success ​rate in guiding leaders and entrepreneurs as they navigate the evolution of their ​leadership. They realized that most leaders get to a point where they start to feel a ​dissatisfaction, something that’s difficult to define but which leaves them sensing ​there’s something more, wondering whether this is all there is; success in and of ​itself doesn’t feel enough. Thom called that "the Void". It feels like an itch you ​can’t scratch and there’s no clear way to improve things. So after months of ​talking they decided to collaborate, bringing their decades of experience and ​hundreds of client success stories together into a transformational retreat which ​Thom and Christina define as "an intentionally curated discovery that allows you ​to look at your life with fresh eyes and leave having embodied new behaviors to ​actualize the happiness you’ve been hoping for.”

Whether you are leading a team, a department or an entire organization, this ​Retreat will give you insights into your core drivers, your inner purpose, and fast-​track you to the undiscovered depths of your power. From this place you will be ​able to navigate the uncertainties of today and tomorrow with more clarity, ​confidence and serenity and a completeness that has filled the Void.

"My work with Thom really helped me. I came ​away with a greater sense of balance and feeling a ​weight had been lifted. Thom helped me get ​through difficult times enabling me to emerge all ​the wiser and backed up by a team full of ​newfound confidence."

Senior Commissioning Manager of Global Bank

"Christina has taken away the fear and given me a ​sense of calmness and understanding in how to ​craft my work. Now I can be me and speak from ​my heart. She has been phenomenal in getting to ​the heart of my message and business. She has a ​gift of asking the right questions."

Jean Marie Russo, Speaking of Success

This retreat is designed for highly successful leaders who experience a sense of ​dissatisfaction and an unfulfilled need, known as the Void, and aims to provide ​insights into their inner purpose and core drivers to navigate uncertainties with ​clarity, confidence, serenity, and completeness. We believe that in order for ​transformation to truly be embodied we must explore ourselves through different ​modalities, engaging all the senses and integrating your physical, mental, ​emotional, and spiritual bodies.


The pristine shores of Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala, ancient home to the Maya, is ​Villa Sumaya. In Sanskrit, Sumaya means "a long-awaited dream come true", while ​in Arabic it translates as "a little piece of paradise". This is the beautiful location of ​the Retreat.

You will enjoy:

  • 5 days of workshops, curated activities, training, meditation, intentional ​movement, personal time for integration, rejuvenation, and transformation.
  • 6 nights in luxury accommodations
  • Transport from and to Antigua to the venue (vehicle & boat)
  • 17 gourmet meals from dinner on September 24 through breakfast on ​September 30
  • Acres of lush outdoors, Lake Atitlan, and landscaped gardens

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Whether you're leading a team, a ​department or an entire organization, ​this Retreat will provide you with the ​skills and insights you need to lead ​through the Void with confidence.


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A message to employers:

Your management team already possesses the necessary skills and expertise to ​play an integral role in your organization. But there's more; they require ​rejuvenation, a fresh perspective, a personal purpose, and energy to tap into ​their wisdom and inspiration so they can more effectively engage and empower ​those they lead. It's important to recognize that our identity and leadership style ​are closely intertwined, and understanding ourselves enables fresh and revived ​leadership. Developing a personal expression is the key to creating a thriving ​and committed team culture. This is honed through experiential learning and ​coaching resulting in observation of perspectives, patterns, beliefs, and actions ​so that lasting transformation will positively impact your organization. To remain ​competitive and innovative, today's organizations require leaders who are fully ​expressed, authentic, and present.

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All prices are based on shared occupancy. If you would like single occupancy, let us ​know in the interview so we can accommodate you.

What happens after you register?

After you register you will have a conversation with Thom & Christina. Upon ​completion of your interview you will have access to exclusive content, via email, ​that will prepare you for the Retreat and support leading up to the Retreat.

If, through the interview process, it is realized that this Retreat is not in alignment, ​you will receive a full refund.

Getting to Villa Sumaya

FLIGHTS: International flights land in Guatemala City (GUA)

TO VILLA SUMAYA : On Sunday, September 24 you will be privately transported ​via vehicle and boat to Villa Sumaya (approximately 3 hours travel)

RETURNING: On Saturday, September 30 mid morning you will be returned back ​to Guatemala City via boat and vehicle


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"What helped me was to sit back with Thom and reflect ​upon how to best communicate our purpose and our ​victories. Another important win through the discussion ​with you when I identified what the team most needed in ​terms of direction and focus and working on it. I am now ​implementing just that, focusing on choosing goals, ​setting targets for my team and giving them resources.”

Department Head International Luxury Brand

"Your classes taught me to persevere and live in ​excellence. I have applied this to my life and my teaching ​which has led to constant improvement. This is just one ​of the many skills I have gained from you. You are hands ​down the best trainer I have ever had and I appreciate ​that so much. The amount you care about every person is ​astounding and inspires me push myself to leave that ​same impact on my students. Thank you!"

Isaac M., University Administrator

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